These are portraits of California Indians whose ancestors were affiliated with one of the missions of California. The captions under the pictures tell a little about their affiliation, where the photo was taken and the person’s principal cultural activity. There are forty portraits in all.

This exhibit has been displayed often in galleries and schools and is intended for educational purposes.  It is available to be displayed with minimal cost in any appropriate venue. Contact Lois to make inquiries about installing it in your venue for an educational purpose you may have.

“We are Still Here” has often been displayed with a photo study called “Indian Ghosts at California Missions” which provides an Indian perspective on California’s mission era. A booklet telling the story of the Indians’ experience in the mission with photographs from both exhibits is available for $12.00. If you would like the booklet, Lois will send you an Email invoice and after you have used Pay Pal to pay by check or credit card, she will mail you the booklet


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