The Butterflies of INDIA: Women’s everyday artistry


These photos are from a book called The Butterflies of India: Women’s Everyday Artistry. I went to India to see the Taj Mahal, but what impressed me most was the beautiful everyday attire of almost all Indian women. They appeared on the scene in markets, fields, shops and homes, colorful and flowing, enlivening the scene with their beauty.

These photos were fashioned together into a handmade digital book covered with Indian silk, adorned with ribbons in the style of the women. A few of these books are available for purchase at $80.00 each plus shipping and handling.  The photographs are 8 x 8” and available separately as prints for $25.00 each or Emailed as a high resolution print for $15.00 each. Phone me at (831) 464-3939, and I will send you an EMail Invoice. After you have paid with check or credit card using Pay Pal, I will send you the image.

Art book and photographs available for purchase