ArE You Looking for Lois?

Well , here she is, inviting you to look at some of her favorite images Although they are diverse -- activism, travel, landscape, media – there is a common thread to her work. She grew up on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie and from earliest times explored the joys of surf and sand, creek and farm, flowers and trees. When she moved to California, she transfered that love to the California landscape.

She again lives near surf and sand  close to the Monterey Bay where she explores her seaside neighborhood camera in hand. You can take a walk with her to view some of the dawn to dusk beauty of these local places.  A gallery is also devoted to the surfers of Pleasure Point; she envies their intimate and exuberant connection with the sea.

Her enthusiasm for nature has led her into the fight for the environment. You may want to watch the first three minutes of her video “Stuck in the Mud: The Pajaro River in Peril” to see if you would like to download and watch the entire 33 minutes.

My Other Garden is an exhibit of multiply exposed ornamental flowers whose shimmery shapes and colors are mood boosters. That Gallery is followed by one displaying images from her native plant garden.

Over time she will be showing select photographs from her travels to exotic places.  For now, enjoy a book she created from her travels called the Butterflies of India: Women’s Everyday Artistry.

Check out her exhibit-to-go on California IndiansWe Are Still Here,” and the booklet for the companion exhibit “Indian Ghosts at California Missions.”

The Albums are the latest addition.  Yellowstone will stir you with its beauty.  Mamita, will take you to selections from the book Mamita’s House: A True Tale of Tortilla Flat.

Finally,  Lois will provide a look at some Polaroid transfers she recently

resuscitated, deciding that they are really quite charming. Several have been included at a recent show at the Pajaro Valley Art Gallery.

Join Lois as she shows you some of the magic of her many years alive on the planet.